Warren Bobrow's "Wilver's Demise"
Warren Bobrow just doesn't stop!  He's done it again here, with this mouthwatering summer drink. 

*Note: to make almond water ice cubes, freeze almond water in an ice cube tray.  If you can't find almond water, try making almond milk ice cubes for a creamy substitute.

Wilver's Demise (modified to make 1 cocktail)
1 1/2 shots absinthe
2 tablespoons Royal Rose Strawberry-Fennel Syrup
Bitter End Thai Bitters
almond water ice cubes
seltzer water

Start with a glass.  Add almond ice, then Strawberry-Fennel syrup.  Add the absinthe.  Top with seltzer water, then 3 drops of the bitters.  Mix lightly and use a straw to bring the sweet syrup up from the bottom of your glass. 
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