What is the shelf-life?

Our syrups are shelf stable for 18 months, unopened.

Do you need to refrigerate the syrup once it's opened?

Yes! It's okay to leave on the kitchen counter during a party. Just stick the bottle in the refrigerator overnight.

Do I have to use your syrups for cocktails, or are there other uses?

Our syrups make excellent homemade sodas and other delicious non-alcoholic beverages, but they are also a great component in sauce, salad dressing, as a glaze for meat or vegetables, and more. Check out our Recipe Blog for more ideas!

Are your syrups nut-free? Gluten free? Vegan?

Yes, our entire facility is nut-free, peanut-free, soy-free, and dairy-free. Our syrup manufacturing equipment is not used with any wheat or gluten-containing products. We have wheat in a separate part of our facility for bourbon distillation. Please email us at info@royalrosesyrups.com if you have any other concerns about allergens.

Do you use added chemical preservatives?

No. Not now, not ever!

Do you use artificial colors or juice concentrates?

No. Not now, not ever!

Do you use bleached white sugar?/Is the syrup vegan?

No. Not now, not ever! We use minimally processed certified Organic Cane Sugar. Yes, all our syrups are vegan.

Is it natural for the bottle contents to separate?

Yes. Shake the bottle before use and the contents will magically merge together again.

I'm a store or a bar/restaurant! Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes! Please contact topher@royalrosesyrups.com for pricing, information, etc.

My package was damaged in transit. What is your return policy?

If your package was damaged in transit, email info@royalrosesyrups.com with your order number and tell us how much product was damaged and we will determine if the product can be replaced.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

We generally ship within 3 business days. If you are on the west coast, it will take an additional 5 business days for standard shipping; 1-2 days for the east coast.