Hot Toddy Organic Simple Syrup Mix

$ 3.99

Indulge in the timeless comfort of a classic Hot Toddy, reimagined with our Hot Toddy Organic Simple Syrup. Made from scratch with only the finest organic ingredients - organic unbleached sugar, filtered water, and a touch of organic lemon juice - it's your key to crafting the perfect winter elixir. Let its comforting embrace chase away the cold and wrap you in a blanket of warmth and nostalgia.

Certified Organic Elegance Embrace the purity of our MOFGA USDA Certified Organic product. Crafted in Maine with care, our Hot Toddy Organic Simple Syrup is a testament to quality and tradition, delivering the taste of genuine handcrafted excellence.  

A Classic Winter Companion A traditional Hot Toddy is a simple yet delightful concoction of whiskey, lemon, and simple syrup, cherished for its ability to chase away the cold and warm you from head to toe. With our Classic (unflavored) Hot Toddy Syrup, you have everything you need to create this timeless winter water. Use your favorite whiskey, Scotch, or even brandy for a Classic Hot Toddy that's sure to soothe the soul.

Beyond the classic, our Hot Toddy Organic Simple Syrup invites you to explore your mixology prowess. Craft variations like the "Citrus Spice Toddy" or "Honey Bourbon Bliss" to add a touch of sophistication to your evening. It's a versatile addition to your home bar.

Handcrafted in Maine Our commitment to quality shines through in every bottle. Handcrafted in Maine, our Hot Toddy Organic Simple Syrup captures the essence of the state's natural beauty and warmth.

Receive 20% OFF your order when you buy 12 (8oz) bottles of syrup! Mix your favorite flavors for added variety! Discount automatically applied at checkout.

Ingredients: Organic Unbleached Sugar, Filtered Water, Organic Lemon Juice

   ○   Kosher Certified
   ○   Non-GMO
   ○   USDA Certified Organic by MOFGA
   ○   Gluten Free
   ○   Handmade in Small Batches 
   ○   Made from Scratch in Newcastle, Maine
   ○   Packaged in Glass Bottles w/ BPA free Tops

(does not include Brandy, Whiskey or Scotch)