Barrel Rested Organic Maine Maple Syrup

$ 4.99

Experience the warmth of winter with our Barrel Rested Organic Maine Maple Syrup, a harmonious fusion of nature's finest ingredients. Crafted by aging pure Organic Maine Maple Syrup from Frontier Sugarworks in the heart of Jackman, Maine, within the barrels of Split Rock Distilling's Organic Bourbon Whiskey. All this magic happens right here in Newcastle, ME. This unique syrup promises to elevate your winter mornings and culinary creations with its deep, rich maple flavor and a malty finish.

Certified Organic Excellence Our Barrel Rested Maple Syrup is a testament to the purity and excellence of Maine's natural bounty. As a MOFGA USDA Certified Organic product, it embodies the commitment to quality that runs through every step of its creation. The organic ingredients, the time-honored craftsmanship, and the small-batch process culminate in a syrup that radiates authenticity and the essence of Maine.

Embrace Winter's Delight Indulge in the comfort of winter mornings by adding a spoonful of Barrel Rested Maple Syrup to your morning coffee, giving it a delightful Irish twist that's bound to invigorate your senses. Drizzle this exquisite syrup over a stack of pancakes, waffles, or French toast, transforming your breakfast into a decadent feast. Beyond breakfast, it's a versatile sweetener that breathes life into your baking endeavors, offering a rich depth of flavor that enhances your favorite recipes. The possibilities are endless, promising to infuse every dish with the cozy ambiance of a woodland cabin.

Beyond culinary applications, our Barrel Rested Organic Maine Maple Syrup finds its place in crafting exceptional cocktails. Create classic and innovative libations with the enticingly warm flavors of this barrel-aged syrup. It's the key to concocting cocktails that take you on a journey through the heart of Maine. Whether you're mixing up a classic Old Fashioned with a twist or experimenting with your signature creations, our syrup adds a layer of complexity that's sure to delight your guests.

Handcrafted in Maine As you unseal a bottle of our Barrel Rested Organic Maine Maple Syrup, you're not just opening a sweet, flavorful treat – you're taking a journey into the heart of Maine's culinary heritage. With each pour, you're transported to a cozy cabin in the woods, where the comforting scent of maple wafts through the air. It's a taste of Maine's natural beauty, handcrafted with care and infused with the essence of our beloved state.

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Ingredients: Organic Maine Maple Syrup

   ○   Kosher Certified
   ○   Non-GMO
   ○   USDA Certified Organic by MOFGA
   ○   Gluten Free
   ○   Handmade in Small Batches 
   ○   Made from Scratch in Newcastle, Maine
   ○   Packaged in Glass Bottles w/ BPA free Tops