Sunshine Highball
From our friend @cocktailwitchnyc | "Light refreshing cocktails are the current drink of choice in my house, and this highball is perfect for a steamy weekend sip with pineapple, cucumber, mint, and just a touch of heat from some chili syrup."

Sunshine Highball:
✨1.5oz vodka
✨.5oz cucumber liqueur
✨.25oz three chili syrup
✨.75oz pineapple juice
✨.5oz lime juice
✨3-4 slices cucumber, chopped
✨1/2 slice of pineapple, chopped
✨4-5 mint leaves
✨soda water to top
Garnish: cucumber ribbons, mint sprig, pineapple slice, lime twist

In a shaker, muddle fresh ingredients with syrup. Add all but soda water and shake with ice. Fine strain and top with plenty of ice cold soda water. Garnish and enjoy!
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