Golden Colada
"This particular piña colada is absolutely delicious with the addition of some pineapple ginger and a touch of saffron syrup, all whipped to perfection in a high speed blender to create a layer of airy foam on top." -@cocktailwitchnyc

Golden Colada
✨2oz light rum
✨1.5oz fresh pineapple + ginger juice
✨5-6 chunks of fresh pineapple
✨1oz coconut cream
✨.25oz saffron syrup
Garnish: pineapple slice and frond, flowers, coconut shavings
Rim: coconut shavings

Rim a glass with coconut shavings and set aside. Add all ingredients plus plenty of ice to a high speed blender and blend until combined. Pour into a chilled glass, allowing the foam to settle on top (spoon it over if needed), sprinkle some more shaved coconut, garnish, and enjoy!
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