Hot Toddy Organic Cocktail Kit

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Step into the heartwarming world of Hot Toddies with our Organic Cocktail Kit. These soothing libations are more than just drinks; they're liquid hugs, ready to wrap you in warmth and comfort, reminiscent of the cozy evenings by the fireplace in a Maine cabin. Whether you're warding off a winter chill or simply seeking warmth from head to toe, your favorite whiskey, Scotch, or brandy combined with our syrups will do the trick.

Maine-Inspired Warmth

Organic Classic (Unflavored) Hot Toddy Syrup (8 oz): Embrace the gentle and straightforward beauty of our Organic Classic Hot Toddy Syrup. This elegant blend of organic sugar, water, and organic lemon juice creates a soothing and timeless elixir. It's the essence of simple delight in a glass, much like the serene winters in the heart of Maine.

Organic Spiced Hot Toddy Syrup (8 oz): Elevate your Hot Toddy experience with our Organic Spiced Hot Toddy Syrup. Crafted from organic sugar, water, organic cardamom, and organic clove, it's a symphony of warm and inviting flavors. This spiced version of the classic promises to take your taste buds on a captivating journey, reminiscent of the aromatic spices that fill the air in a Maine kitchen on a chilly evening.

Explore the versatility of our syrups in the culinary realm. Use them to create delightful desserts, glazes, or marinades. Let the flavors of lemon, cardamom, and clove weave their magic into your favorite recipes. 

Ingredients Classic: organic sugar, water, organic lemon juice

Ingredients Spiced: organic sugar water, organic cardamom, organic clove

Includes - 1 x Organic Classic (unflavored) Hot Toddy Syrup (8 oz.) and 1 x Organic Spiced Hot Toddy Syrup (8 oz.)

   ○   Kosher Certified
   ○   Non-GMO
   ○   USDA Certified Organic by MOFGA
   ○   Gluten Free
   ○   Handmade in Small Batches 
   ○   Made from Scratch in Newcastle, Maine
   ○   Packaged in Glass Bottles w/ BPA free Tops

(does not include Whiskey, Scotch or Brandy)