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Champagne Cocktail Kit w/ Anise and Raspberry Organic Simple Syrups


The Organic Champagne Cocktail Kit with Anise and Raspberry Syrups (Champagne not incl.). The best of both worlds, spiritous yet effervescent, champagne cocktails truly sparkle. Kit includes enough syrup for 10-12 RASPBERRY SPARKLERS, which also call for vodka; and for 10-12 ANISE SPARKLERS, which also call for dark or spiced rum. Sweet, tart and bubbly.

Includes- 1 x Organic Raspberry Syrup 8oz, 1 x Organic Anise Syrup 8oz, Recipes

Ingredients in Raspberry: Organic Unbleached Sugar, Filtered Water, Organic Raspberries

Ingredients in Anise: Organic Unbleached Sugar, Filtered Water, Organic Lemon Juice, Organic Anise, Organic Fennel Seed

  ○  Non-GMO
  ○  USDA Certified Organic by MOFGA
  ○  Gluten Free
  ○  Handmade in Small Batches 
  ○  Made from Scratch in Newcastle, Maine
  ○  Packaged in Glass Bottles w/ BPA free Tops

    (does not include Champagne, Vodka or Dark Rum)

    • Shelf Life
    • Inspiration
    • Reviews

    All Royal Rose Organic Syrups and Mixes are made with NO additives and NO preservative!  Shelf stability is assured for 18 months, by closely monitoring the acidity and the brix (sugar content) during production then hot packing all our products in glass containers.

     ○  Shake well before using

     ○  Refrigerate once opened & use within 1-2 months

     ○  Shelf stable unopened for 18 months

     ○  No preservatives

     ○  No artificial additives

     ○  No corn syrup

     ○  No artificial color

     ○  No stabilizers

     ○  No sodium benzoate

     ○  No gum arabic

     ○  No concentrate

    Life Just Got A Little Sweeter

    Originally inspired by cocktails and mocktails, experiment with ½ - 1 part syrup and 2-3 parts spirits to find simple combinations that you enjoy.  Looking for something more elaborate, checkout our Cocktail Recipe Blog  for creative inspiration.

    Our Organic Syrups can replace traditional sweeteners in:

     ○  Cocktails

     ○  Mocktails

     ○  Coffee & Iced Coffee

     ○  Tea & Iced Tea

     ○  Seltzer

     ○  Soda

     ○  Smoothies

     ○  Lemonade

     ○  Baking

    Our Organic Syrups can be:

     ○  Stirred into Ice Cream

     ○  Stirred into Yogurt

     ○  Mixed into Cake Batter

     ○  Mixed into Frosting

     ○  Poured on Sponge Cake or over Fruit

    ○ As a Marnade with Meat or Tofu

    ○  As a Salad Dressing

    Have you stumbled upon another use that you don't see here, and you think we should be sharing it, email us at info@royalrosesyrups.com or post it on Instagram and tag us! #royalrosesyrups

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